August 29, 2014

"It is generally much more shameful to lose a good reputation than never to have acquired it." – Pliny the Elder

Digital PR News

Digital Transformation – how are we doing?
A new report by Brian Solis and the Altimeter Group confirms that most organizations are undergoing a formal digital transformation in 2014. This seems to be good news for digital progress, but when checked against the next question it seems that a large proportion aren't as far along as we might like to think.
Only 25% had mapped out the digital customer journey. 42% said they had not 'officially' researched the digital customer journey, but have updated digital touch points with new social and mobile technologies and investments. A further 12% said they are researching customer behaviour now and awaiting results, while another 12% confirmed they had talked about the need to do so, but no one had taken the lead. Finally, 3% said the need to do so hasn't come up or been made a priority.
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Five Technology Trends PR Pros Should Salivate Over
Jeremy Bartram of Raffetto Herman Strategic Communications  gives us his mid-year 2014 inspiration list of the technology developments he sees offering the biggest PR potential in the near future.
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Corporate Communications Measurement Study
In the era of big data, communicators are increasingly challenged to not only provide measurable proof of their programs' effectiveness—but also a deeper analysis of the data they gather. The first step toward developing a research and measurement program that meets these mandates is understanding C-suite hot buttons and the critical measurement challenges Bulldog Reporter's four-part Corporate Communications Measurement Study presents findings, interviews and tools to help PR reps respond to rapid changes in digital metrics.
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How print media are surviving – and thriving – in the digital era
There's no question that print media have been profoundly impacted by the Internet. In fact, the medium's failure to enter the 21st century and adapt quickly to the web caused the demise of many esteemed publications, while the business model built to support print-only publication became obsolete.  But the print medium hasn't completely faded out. Quite the contrary.
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Discover How Pinterest Works for You with Deeper User Analytics
Pinterest, the world's fourth most popular social media site, with over 40 million active users last month, is getting serious about analytics.  On Tuesday, it opened to the public a measurement dashboard that had been in beta testing, offering organizations with a free business account access to behavioral and geographic information about users who pin their content.
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Digital PR Best Practices

Email marketing is more effective than social media
If you've ever had to choose which marketing effort to cut back on, an infographic from HostPapa may make your choice more clear. It pits email marketing against social media.  In the final tally, the infographic found email to be superior.
Infographic: When's the Best Time to for PR Reps to Send Emails?
Timing is everything.  Nowhere is that more true than with email marketing. After all, the work you put into crafting a perfect PR pitch is all for naught if the message doesn't reach your target audience at the time of day when it will be most receptive. Getting your timing down can make the difference between a purchase and unsubscribe, a happy customer and a disgruntled one.
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Ronn Torossian: How PR Professionals Engage in SEO without Realizing It
When one thinks of PR professionals, SEO is not the first thing that comes to mind. It is typically believed that PR professionals primarily focus on delivering newsworthy information to the public, whereas SEO professionals mainly put their efforts into increasing the rank of sites in the search engines. Rarely, however, do people stop to consider that both groups of people have similar goals.
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3 skills PR and SEO pros share
There really isn't a lot of difference between what search engine optimization specialists and public relations professionals are accomplishing for their clients right now.
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5 Categories of PR Metrics Pros Should Measure
Marketers are feeling the heat when it comes to measuring their efforts. According to a study conducted by VisionEdge Marketing and ITSMA in April 2014, 85% of marketers worldwide said the pressure to measure marketing's business value and contribution had increased. Just 14% said the level of pressure had stayed the same, and 1% thought it had decreased.
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Are You Using Stupid Metrics?
For years, PR people have focused on activities not outcomes. They've measured value in terms of column inches and the height of a stack of press releases. The latter is the famous "Thud Factor," as in the decibel level of the sound of the year's clip book when it lands on the boss's desk. In today's terms, that's the equivalent of how many likes you got on Facebook. One result of these over-inflated stupid metrics is that PR has come to be defined by what it shovels out, rather than the relationships that it builds.
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Why You Should Use Call-To-Actions In Digital PR
Jerry Silfwer of doktorspinn tells us when and how to use call-to-actions in digital PR.
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Essential Digital Strategies For PR Pros
In an interview with Shonali Burke, we learn about ongoing misconceptions, KPIs and assessing value of social media plans.
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Perspectives from Small Businesses on Forthcoming Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLDs) Web Addresses Revealed In New SCORE Research—4 Out of 5 Prefer a .com Address
.com, .net and .org will be joined by potentially thousands of new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs), such as .photography and .restaurant. To gain perspective from those already doing business online, SCORE, mentors to America's small businesses, teamed up with Verisign, a leader in domain names, to better understand entrepreneurs' views on new gTLDs, and what small business owners consider when naming their business website. Among the key findings is that 4 out of 5 SMB website owners prefer a .com web address over a new gTLD web address, and 81 percent of website owners believe new gTLDs will be confusing to their customers.
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December 1, 2014
Big Data 101 – A Guide for Pharmaceutical Brand Managers

SMi is proud to announce that Paul Grant, CIO from Creation Healthcare, will be hosting the Big Data 101 – A Guide for Pharmaceutical Brand Managers masterclass taking place on the 1st December 2014 in Central London
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